If enough people in the U.S. pass on vaccine, the nation may not be able to achieve herd immunity

No clinical benefit seen versus placebo for hospital-based health care workers exposed to patients with COVID-19

Authors caution that daily low-dose aspirin is linked to more late-stage cancers, related deaths in elderly

In older adults, interactions with meds for depression, anxiety increase risk for ED visits, hospitalizations

Higher case fatality rates found to be independent of demographic factors, such as age, sex, and race

Agency says it is especially true in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation

MIS-A related to SARS-CoV-2 infection resembles MIS in children; respiratory symptoms often minimal

Risk for dying from breast cancer remains elevated 15 years after initial diagnosis

Fifty percent of phase 3 clinical trials and 100 percent of vaccine trials at risk for excluding older adults

Cumulative incidence of in-hospital mortality estimated to be 37.4 percent at 90 days